Reprints & Sponsorship

Reach your target audience with innovative and effective marketing, sponsorship and education opportunities. We provide reprints for the published articles to promote their work at different events, conferences and promotional activities. 

Article Reprints – 

Hard Copy: We provide high quality reprints which includes cover page along with logo and Journal Name on all the pages.

Electronic Copy: We provide electronic copy of the article in PDF format with print enabled. This will allow users to print the article for further use.

Custom Publishing & Other Opportunities –

Reprints can be customized with additional information provided by the sponsors (including supplementary information published online), product codes or logos. We offers various customised publishing opportunities including:

        •   Bulk Printed Subscriptions

        •   Customised Printed Subscriptions

        •   Digital Version of Articles

        •   Back Volume Prices are available on request.

        •   Translations & International Editions

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