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We believe that in your success lies our success & we give you more & quality publishing. We take great pride in our author-centric approach. We ensure that our authors receive first-class services with fast, reliable, and customized online tools for all stages from submission to publication.

Rapid Peer Review- We follow rapid double blinded peer review process with the support of editorial board members and reviewers.

Editorial Support- AIM’s Journals are subject to high-level peer review, editorial, author and production services, ensuring the quality and reliability of the work. Each journal has a dedicated in-house Managing Editor to help Editor-in-Chief maximize the journal’s potential.

Plagiarism Check & Bibliography listing- We do plagiarism check of articles submitted to us. Our relationship with major bibliographic agencies helps us to grow our journal.

Online Manuscript Submission- We have an excellent submission platform, coupled with online peer review, tracking and decision-making tools for Editors.

        •   We use our own online manuscript submission platform which is highly effective.

        •   This platform is responsive to PC, Mobile, Tablet etc.

        •   It is individualized password protected platform which be accessed from anywhere.

        •   Articles can be received and processed at any time.

        •   Author can monitor every step of article processing through his system, from submission to publication.

        •   It is author centric & very user friendly.

        •   The fast and real-time review system will ensure top standards for every paper.

        •   It provide Email notification.

        •   We provide complete online platform for submitting your research work.

Pre-Press and Print Services- We provide Technical editing, copy editing and typesetting to ensure a high quality of published articles & High quality printing to ensure clear reproduction of images and illustrations.

Sales & Marketing- We have a comprehensive marketing database and calendar to promote journal. Our marketing activities cover the entire range, Direct Mailing, Internet Marketing, Working with Bibliographic Agencies & Subscription Agents, Events & Conferences.
We offer high levels of support from dedicated publishing editors and experienced marketing teams to ensure that your journal reaches its full potential.

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