Shared Delusion of Pregnancy in a Couple Undergoing Infertility Treatment

Article Type: Case Report
Authors: Swati Kumari, A Giri, P Karki, L Perez


Phantom pregnancy or pseudocyesis happens to be a rare psychological condition. Here we present a case of pseudocyesis leading to folie a deux, a shared delusion of pregnancy between husband and wife. Folie a deux is a term coined by Lasegue and Falret in 1877 meaning shared psychotic disorder. In this condition, a member develops the delusion first and is likely the dominant member in a close relationship with a more suggestible person who also develops the delusion. Herewith, we describe such a rare case in which a married couple undergoing in vitro fertilization for infertility treatment shared delusions of pregnancy against substantial medical evidence.

Keywords: Pseudocyesis, folie a deux, phantom pregnancy, infertility.
Issue Number: 2   May - August 2023
Pages: 30 - 57
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