Acardiac twin is an anomaly, which rarely occurs in monochorionic twin pregnancies. The normal twin is also called as pump twin as it pumps blood to the acardiac twin. Acardiac twin live like a parasite with normal twin. In acardiac twin, heart does not develop properly or presents with rudimentary heart, due to which other upper structures of the body do not develop. This often results from placental vascular anastomoses. As heart does not develop, survival of acardiac twin is impossible. A 26-year-old woman referred as a case of uterine inversion after delivery of stillborn female fetus at home and placenta at some local hospital. The mass coming out of vagina turned out to be a acardiac twin with poorly developed head with few hairs, unformed trunk, poorly developed both lower limbs and centrally attached umbilical cord. As woman was unbooked and uninvestigated, the diagnosis of acardiac twin was made after delivery of the fetus.

Authors: Padma Shukla, Nrapika Pathariya
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