Transmigration and Spontaneous Expulsion of Postpartum Intrauterine Device Cu IUCD 375 through Anus

Article Type: Case Report
Authors: Nirupam Kanti De, Snehamay Chaudhuri, Subhabrata Ghosh, Deepika Sinha, Salma Alam, Poulami Ghosh


Uterine perforation is a rare and one of the most serious complications following IUCD insertion. Here we are presenting a case of Cu IUCD perforation and expulsion though anus. This case emphasizes that ultrasonography is not enough for the investigation of missing IUCD thread. X-ray may be added to find out IUCD if no IUCD is visible in the uterine cavity.

Keywords: IUCD = Intrauterine contraceptive device.
Issue Number: 2   May - August 2023
Pages: 30 - 57
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