Intralipid Therapy in Recurrent Implantation Failure—A Case Control Study

Article Type: Original Article
Authors: Rita Bakshi


Background: Recurrent implantation failure is a major concern in present IVF settings. There is no consensus regarding the definition of RIF and neither there is consensus regarding as to what treatment to be offered to an RIF patient. Various treatment options have been mentioned in literature but there is not enough evidence to formulate a proper guideline for the management of the same.Aim: To study the effect of intralipid therapy in patients of RIF.Material and methods: A group of 100 patients with history of RIF were selected and randomized into study and control group. The study group received intralipid (2 mL diluted at 20% in 250 mL saline) on the day of embryo transfer and the control group did not receive intralipid on the day of embryo transfer.Results: In our study, 26 patients (52%) in the intralipid cohort achieved clinical pregnancy and of the 26 patients, 22 (44%) experienced live birth (till 12 weeks), 2 were biochemical pregnancies and 1 was an ectopic pregnancy and 1 was spontaneous abortion at 6 weeks whereas 19 patients (38%) in control group achieved clinical pregnancy and of the 19 patients, 16 (32%) experienced live birth. p value for clinical pregnancy and live birth rate was 0.16 and 0.22 respectively.Conclusion: Intralipid therapy did improve the clinical pregnancy rates and live birth rates in the study group but results were statistically insignificant.

Keywords: RIF—recurrent implantation failure.
Issue Number: Issue - 2   May - August 2022
Pages: 53 - 96
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