ABSTRACT:Background: The two step or sequential embryo transfer is an important practical step in the treatment of patient with recurrent implantation failure. It can increase the endometrial receptivity and pregnancy rate. The purpose of the study was to compare the pregnancy outcome between sequential (day 3 and day 5) embryo transfer and single day 3 embryo transfer.Methodology: A retrospective study was conducted on 66 number of patients with repeated implantation failure by dividing them into two groups.Result: The group 1 with sequential embryo transfer showed higher clinical pregnancy rate (53.33%) and implantation rate (23.33%) as compare with group 2 with single day 3 embryo transfer (30.55% and 14.81% respectively).Conclusion: Sequential embryo transfer can be a significant approach as the pregnancy outcomes were found to be improved as compare to single day transfer. Keywords: clinical pregnancy rate, implantation rate, sequential embryo transfer, recurrent implantation failure.

Article Type: Original Article
Article Name: Sequential Embryo Transfer: A better Opportunity to Increase Success Rate in IVF undergoing Patients with Repeated Implantation Failure
Authors: Vidya Bhat, Veena Naik, Abhijit Shil, Vibha V Bhat
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