Manuscript Submission Guidelines

How to Submit Manuscript

Follow theInstructions for Manuscript carefully. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to a delay in the publication of your manuscript.

First, you will need to log into the online submission platform.

New Author/Writer registers himself by filling the Registration form, given on the home page of the journal’s web site.

Once author successfully registers himself, he receives the username and the password via e-mail.

Author then logs in to the website by using the provided username & password. After login author will have an Author Dashboard.

Click on ‘Submit Manuscript’ Tab at Author Dashboard. There are up to 5 steps for you to follow to submit your manuscript.

After successful submission, author will receive a confirmation screen & email notification containing Manuscript Id. Author can use this Manuscript Id for tracking the status of his manuscript.

Once the article gets successfully submitted by the author. It is then further forwarded to the Admin/Managing Editor, who then peer-reviews the article.

         •  Author will be informed about the manuscript status once it reviewed.

Manuscript Submission Process

Follow the below mentioned Authors Guidelines for submitting manuscript

New Registration

If you know your login details (i.e., you have submitted or reviewed a manuscript in this journal before), use your User ID and Password to log on. (Your user ID will usually be your email address.)

If you do not know your login details, check to see if you are already registered by clicking on the 'Forgot your password' button and following the on-screen instructions.

If you have trouble finding your manuscripts or have other problems with your account, do not create another account. Instead, please contact the journal's editorial office.

Author Dashboard:To submit a new manuscript, go to the 'Author Dashboard', and click on 'Submit Manuscript' tab, and then follow the on-screen instructions. There are up to 4 steps for you to follow to submit your manuscript. You move from one step to the next by clicking on the 'Save & Continue' button on each screen or back to the previous screen by clicking on the 'Back' button. At any stage you can stop the submission process by clicking on the ‘Save' button. Everything you have typed into the system will be saved, and the partially completed submission will appear under 'Unsubmitted Manuscripts' in your 'Author Dashboard'. To return to the submission process you will need to click on the button 'Continue Submission' against the relevant manuscript title.

Steps to Submit Manuscript:

When submitting your manuscript, please enter your manuscript data along with authorship details into the relevant fields, following the detailed instructions at the top of each page. You may like to have the original word-processing file available so you can copy and paste the title and abstract into the required fields. You will also be required to provide email addresses for your co-authors, so please have these to hand when you log onto the site.

Please follow 5 below mentioned steps for submitting manuscript

Step – 1 Manuscript – Title, Type, Abstract & Keywords

Title - Type or Paste the manuscript title.

Type - Select from available manuscript types.

Running Head - Provide a short title.

Abstract - Type or paste the abstract.

Keywords - Provide key words by using following methods.

Type & add your own key words

Search & select the keywords from journal’s database

Search keywords from Mesh

One you fill the details then click on the NEXT Tab for step -2.

Step – 2 Authors Details

Authors has to fill their complete affiliation along with their co-authors details.
To add new authors you must click on the Add Author Tab. Complete all the required fields to identify both the author and the institution they are affiliated with. You would require to upload the signatures of co-authors.
Authors sequence & corresponding authors details to be filled properly.
You can also change the authors sequence, Edit, Remove and assign as a corresponding author.

Click on NEXT Tab

Step – 3 Forms Upload

Author has to upload all the relevant document before uploading manuscript.

Cover Letter - Enter your cover letter into the box either by using the browse button to find your cover letter file & attach it or copy-pasting your letter directly into the box.

Copyright Form - Upload authorship forms – Copyright form, Contributors form, Financial Disclosure & Conflict of Interest.

Copyright & Authorship forms are available on website, kindly fill these forms & upload here with complete details.

If your manuscript has colour figures, illustration, images or any supplementary material, please provide us their details.

When finished with the details, kindly click on NEXT tab for Step – 4.

Step – 4 File Upload (Main Document)

In this step you have to upload your manuscript file. Click on Attached Manuscript button, browse for your main document.
Also attach Images, Figures, Tables, & Supplementary Material in separate files & please provide their type & legend. Use Add More button to upload file separately.
Enter individual files using the 'Browse' buttons and select the appropriate 'File type’ from the pull-down menu.
Kindly follow the instruction given on this section while uploading manuscript.

Once Manuscript uploaded, kindly click on Next button to review your final submission.

Step – 5 Review & Submit

When you are finished with the uploaded manuscript proof click on 'Next' button which will take you to the 'Review & Submit' screen. The system will check that you have completed all the mandatory fields and that you have viewed your manuscript proof. It will also present you with a summary of all the information you have provided and give you a final chance to edit it.

When you have finished reviewing this information press 'Submit'.

Submitted Manuscript - After the manuscript has been submitted you will see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirmation stating that your manuscript has been successfully submitted. This will also give the assigned manuscript number, which is used in all correspondence during peer review. If you do not receive this, your manuscript will not have been successfully submitted to the journal and the paper cannot progress to peer review. If this is the case your manuscript will still be sitting in the 'Unsubmitted Manuscripts' section of your 'Author Dashboard' awaiting your attention.

If you return to your 'Author Dashboard' you will notice that your newly submitted manuscript can be found in the 'Submitted Manuscripts' tab.


1. To start your revision, you will need to log back into your “Author Dashboard” & find the “Manuscript Require Revision” Tab.

2. Selecting this tab will display the manuscripts that require a revision. Create a revision of this manuscript by clicking on 'create a revision' under Actions.

3. You will now be able to see the editor and reviewer comments and will be able to respond to these.

4. You will need to upload the files that constitute your revised manuscript. To facilitate the production process, it is essential that you upload your revised manuscript as a .doc, .rtf, or .tex file, and not in .pdf format.

5. If you wish to finish this another time, you will find the manuscript here in the same tab – Manuscript Require Revision.

6. If you click on 'View comments/respond' you will see the editor's letter to you together with the referees' comments. You may cut and paste your responses into the text areas at the bottom of the screen.


Author will see 9 tabs in his dashboard.

1. Submit Manuscript Here – By clicking on this tab author will be able submit a new manuscript.

2. Unsubmitted Manuscript – Manuscripts that are with author, but have not been submitted on the website of the journal.

3. Submitted Manuscript – Author’s successfully submitted manuscript will appear here.

4. Manuscript Require Revision – Manuscript that are being sent by the Editor/Admin to the author for revision. The author will then revise his file and will resubmit it again.

5. Resubmitted Manuscript- Manuscripts that are resubmitted by the author as per admin/Editor/ Reviewer’s decision appears under this tab.

6. Rejected Manuscript – Manuscripts that have been rejected by the Editor/Reviewer and are not worthy of publication in the journal.

7. Accepted Manuscript – Manuscripts that are accepted for publication by the Editor displays here.

8. Withdraw Manuscript – Manuscripts that have been withdrawn by the author on basis of certain grounds.

9. Published Manuscript – Manuscripts that have been published in Print or Online edition of Journal will display here.

IMPORTANT. Your images are required as high-resolution .tif files (1200 d.p.i. for line drawings and 300 d.p.i. for colour and half-tone artwork). Please note that publication of your manuscript will not proceed until figures suitable for reproduction are received.

Getting help - If you experience any problems during the online submission process please contact the journal editorial office who will be pleased to assist you.